The best independent guide to Tavira

The best independent guide to Tavira

Tavira, Portugal; an independent tourism guide for 2024

Tavira is the most charming town in the Algarve, making it a fantastic destination for a holiday or day trip.

The town lies along the slow-flowing Gilão River and offers a delightful combination of traditional Portuguese heritage and deep-rooted Moorish influences. Concealed within its labyrinth of cobbled streets are traditional tiled houses, remnants of the town’s defences and 36 varied churches.

To the south of Tavira are the protected waterways and mudflats of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, while along the shoreline you’ll find the beautiful sandy beaches of the Ilha de Tavira.

With its authentic Portuguese charm and a wide range of sights to explore, Tavira is one of the best day trip destinations in the eastern Algarve. If you are on holiday in the region, a visit to Tavira should be a must on your itinerary.

As a holiday base, Tavira provides the perfect blend of beaches and culture, with modern hotels, family run restaurants and glorious weather. Surrounding Tavira are the fascinating towns of Olhão, Vila Real de Santo António and Cabanas, along with world-class golf courses and unspoilt countryside that is perfect for hiking or cycling. While the eastern Algarve may be calmer than other parts of the region, it has more than enough on offer to fill a week-long holiday!

There is so much to love about Tavira, either as a holiday destination or for a day trip, and this article will provide you with an introduction to this wonderful town.

Highlights of Tavira

Tavira Portugal

The historic centre of Tavira is a joy to discover, with its Moorish remnants, cobbled streets and delightful tiled houses. Explore the traditional fishing houses that line the Rio Gilão, before heading up the hill to the ancient castle and the Gothic Santa Maria church.

Praia do Barril beach Cemitério das Âncoras Tavira

The Praia do Barril, a pristine beach of golden sands and calm turquoise seawaters, which is also the setting of the Cemitério das Âncoras. Here, a former fishing community placed the many anchors used during the complex system of tuna fishing as a rusting memorial to this once-thriving industry.

Parque Natural da Ria Formosa

The Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, a protected series of mudflats and waterways that are a haven for wildlife. To the south of the waterways are a series of sandbar barrier islands that contain Tavira’s glorious beaches, including the beautiful Praia de Tavira.

Tavira holiday

The relaxed and welcoming ambience of Tavira, where days are spent socialising in the many cafes, restaurants and bars. These offer an inviting atmosphere for travellers to unwind and immerse themselves in the local culture and cuisines, while socialising with new friends.

Why have a holiday to Tavira?

Tavira lies within the calmer eastern side of the Algarve, approximately 30km east of Faro and 25km west of the Spanish border. This region attracts fewer tourists than the central or western Algarve, providing a more peaceful and relaxing holiday experience.

It is a delightful town that has responsibly grown from a minor fishing port into a popular holiday destination, while retaining all of its character and charm. For your holiday, you will struggle to find a better location than Tavira, with its modern hotel complexes, family-run restaurants and sociable nightlife, all set within the traditional streets of the historic centre.

Tavira boasts a wide variety of cultural sights and enjoyable activities, while the beaches of the Ilha de Tavira are stunning. From here, there are many fascinating day trips to choose from, including Faro, Olhão and Vila Real de Santo António, all of which are easily accessible by public transport.
Simply put, Tavira is a wonderful destination for your holiday.
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Tavira Gilao River

The Gilao River flows through the centre of Tavira and is spanned by the Ponte Romana bridge

A day trip to Tavira

Tavira is one of the most popular day trips of the eastern Algarve, and you should definitely visit if you get the chance.

The town is a joy to explore, with a plethora of historic buildings and ornate churches (over 36) - all of which are set around pretty cobbled streets and the backdrop of the Gilão River. As a compact town, it can be easily explored by foot in around four hours. A trip could be extended by taking the ferry to the Ilha de Tavira or heading to the octopus fishing village of Santa Luzia and the Praia do Barril.

There is good public transport (train and bus services) connecting Tavira to the surrounding region. If you have a car and are based in one of the larger resort towns (such as Albufeira, Vilamoura or Armação de Pêra), Tavira makes for an enjoyable trip and shows what the Algarve was like before the advent of tourism.

The best way to explore Tavira is to simply wander the maze of streets and enjoy discovering the plazas, historic sights and authentic restaurants.

If you would prefer a more structured route, this interactive map displays a tour of Tavira that takes around 3 hours. The route begins at the train station, which is to the southwest of the town centre. (Note: zoom in or out to see all of the points)

Legend: 1) Igreja da Misericórdia 2) Castelo de Tavira 3) Camera Obscura 4) Convento da Graça 5) Igreja de Santa Maria 6) Câmara Municipal 7) Praça da República 8) Ponte Romana 9) Jardim da Alagoa 10) Igreja de Nossa Senhora 11) Jardim Público 12) Antigo mercado do peixe 13) Porto de Pesca 14) Mercado Municipal

How long to spend in Tavira?

Tourists typically spend either 1, 2 or 5 days in Tavira, but it is also great for a week-long holiday. The town is compact and can be fully seen in one day, but two days is better if you are visiting as part of a touring holiday. The first day could be spent exploring the historic sights of the town, with the second day spent visiting Santa Luzia and the Praia do Barril, or enjoying a relaxing day on the beautiful beaches on the Ilha de Tavira.

If you are touring southern Portugal, you should plan to spend at least two days in Tavira.

Tavira is the best base from which to explore the eastern Algarve, and a 5-day stay would provide time for day trips to Vila Real de Santo António, Olhão and Castro Marim, all of which are possible to reach using public transport.

As a large town, there is a wide selection of restaurants and bars to choose from, and it is easily possible to eat (and drink!) somewhere completely different every day.
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The fishing fleet of Tavira moored along the harbourfront

Hotel and accommodation in Tavira for 2024

Tavira has a wide selection of accommodation options. These range from large hotel complex on the edge of the town, through to more characterful centrally-located hotels and many rental apartments.

During the summer, demand for accommodation outstrips supply, and the best places sell out months in advance. If you are planning a holiday during the peak season (June to the end of September), always book your accommodation as soon as possible.

Insight: Due to the ongoing housing issues in popular tourist areas throughout Portugal, we cannot recommend rental apartments in any residential areas of Tavira. The problem stems from investors purchasing houses and apartments for short-term rentals; this pushes up rents and makes house ownership unachievable for locals. If you are a tourist, please stay in a hotel, guest house, or hostel.

The two largest and best hotels within Tavira are the 4-star Maria Nova Lounge (link opens new window) and the Vila Gale Tavira, both of which are highly-regarded and offer extensive facilities. The most characterful hotel is the Pousada da Graça, housed in a former convent and painted a distinctive bright yellow colour. For something smaller and more personal, try the highly-rated Almatere Food Forest Boutique Hotel. Another recommended hotel is the Ozadi Tavira Hotel, which lies 3km to the west of Tavira.

If you would prefer an apartment with a small kitchenette, the Quinta do Morgado could be a great choice. There are many guesthouses in Tavira, often converted from the grand merchant villas that line the banks of the river. These include the Formosa Guest House, Princesa do Gilão and the Residencial Mares.

This is just a small selection of the accommodation available, and there are many more options, but always check reviews before booking.

We have worked with for the past seven years, and the map below displays the best hotels and accommodation in Tavira. If you adjust the dates to suit your holiday, it will display current prices and availability.

If the map does not load, the list of the best hotels can be seen here.

Insight: Many hotels offer free cancellation, and this can be a good tactic for securing a low-priced room, while allowing you to browse other options up until your holiday.

Pousada da Graça Tavira

The bright yellow Pousada da Graça

Tavira's weather and when to visit

Tavira has four tourist seasons: the peak months (mid-July to the end of August), the high season (June to mid-July and September), the shoulder season (April to May and October) and the low season (November to March).

The weather is suitable for spending time on the beaches from May until the end of September. The best time of year to visit Tavira is in June or September, when the weather will be warm, sunny and bright, but the heat will be less intense. These are also great months for avoiding the worst of the summertime crowds.

The weather in winter is unpredictable, but there will generally be more sunny days than cloudy, wet days. The low season (November to March) is great for a touring, hiking or cycling holiday. As Tavira is a major town with a large permanent population, all restaurants, cafes and bars remain open year-round.

Tavira weather temperature

The average day time maximum and the nighttime minimum temperature for Tavira

Tavira rainfall sunshine rain sun

The average hours of sunshine per day and monthly rainfall (in mm)

Does Tavira have good beaches?

The Tavira region has glorious sandy beaches, but there are none within easy walking distance of the town.

The beaches lie on the southern side of the Ilha de Tavira, a barrier island that extends for over 10km and is situated approximately 3km from the centre of Tavira. This sandbar island is separated from the mainland by the waterways and mudflats of the of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa.

Connecting Tavira to the Ilha de Tavira are ferries that depart from the Cais das Quatro Águas year-round, or from the centre of Tavira during the summer months. This means that you will have to catch the ferry for any trip to the beach while on holiday here. It is possible to walk from the mainland to the Praia do Barril beach, but this beach is 5km from Tavira.

Along the Ilha de Tavira are three main beaches: the Praia de Tavira, the Praia da Terra Estreita and the Praia do Barril. These beaches provide soft golden sands and calm seawaters that are safe for children.
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Praia da Terra Estreita Tavira

The empty beaches of Praia da Terra Estreita

Faro Airport and airport transfers

Faro Airport is the international airport of the Algarve and is located 35km to the west of Tavira. The most convenient option for onward travel from the airport is to pre-book a private transfer (€44, 40 minutes).

It is possible to hire a taxi from departures, but this will be expensive, at €70 to €80. The ride-hailing apps of Uber and Bolt are cheaper (€35), but demand is always high in the summer and fares will increase on demand.

The cheapest option is public transport, but the journey is surprisingly long. The journey requires a bus (Faro Airport to Faro train station) and then a slow regional train from Faro to Tavira. The public transport option only costs €7.50 but can take up to two hours due to the infrequent departures.
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Algarve regional train

The slow Algarve regional train service

Who should visit Tavira?

Tavira is a great destination if you want more than beautiful beaches and glorious weather for your holiday. The town is a mature and unhurried destination, which combines an authentic Portuguese experience with modern tourist facilities and services.

Tavira is far removed from the hecticness of the central and western Algarve, and is not a holiday destination for groups seeking crazy nightlife and excessive drinking. If you are purely after a beach-focused holiday, then there are better locations in the Algarve than Tavira, such as Albufeira, Vilamoura and Praia da Rocha. Tavira’s beaches are beautiful, but there are none within walking distance, and a ferry must be caught.

The town is popular among families with young children, who are drawn by the calm and welcoming atmosphere. It offers a wide range of family-friendly restaurants and hotels, while the beaches close to Tavira are safe and suitable for children.

Families with teenagers may prefer to be based within the central or western Algarve, as Tavira is a long distance from the excitement of the theme parks and waterparks.

Igreja de Santa Maria do Castelo Tavira

The ancient Igreja de Santa Maria do Castelo

What could be seen and done in a week’s holiday to Tavira?

Tavira is more than just a simple beach holiday destination; there is a varied selection of sights and activities within the region to fill a 1-week holiday. Ideas for a week’s holiday could include:
• Visit Santa Luzia, a small fishing village that specialises in octopus fishing
• Have a beach day to the Praia do Barril, the setting of the Cemitério das Âncoras (Anchor Cemetery)
• Play a round of golf on the stunning Benamor or Quinta da Ria golf courses
• Explore the city of Faro, with its historic walled centre, pleasant shopping streets and creepy bone chapel
• Join a kayak tour around the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa.
• Take a day trip Vila Real de Santo António, which lies on the Guadiana River and Spanish border
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The historic centre of Faro

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