Monte Gordo Day Trips and Excursions

Monte Gordo is a popular beach resort that is situated on the very eastern side of the Algarve. The town is famed for its beautiful sandy beach that stretches on for kilometers but the resort is an ideal base from which to explore the interesting eastern edge of the Algarve. From this location there are many varied day trips and this guide will detail the most popular. All of these Monte Gordo day trips are possible by the use of public transport.

Day Trip to Tavira from Monte Gordo

Tavira is regarded as the prettiest Portuguese town along the Algarve coastline. The town is situated on the mouth of the river Gilao as it joins the lagoons of Ria Formosa national park and passes around the Ilha de Tavira. The history of Tavira stretches back to the Moorish era and is visible in the fortified castle and remnants of the city walls.

day trip from Monte Gordo

The waterfront of Tavira, a great day trip from Monte Gordo

The town is centered around the river and the water front is a charming mix of open air cafes, restaurants and shops that overlook the colorful fishing fleet. Tavira is the destination to discover the real Portugal and is an excellent day trip from Monte Gordo. The two destinations are connected by an inexpensive train and for a guide of travel traveling to Tavira please click here.

Churches castles monte Gordo

Churches, castles and history, everything Monte Gordo does not have is in Tavira

Half Day trip to Vila Real de Santo Antonio

Vila Real de Santo Antonio is the closest town to Monte Gordo and is a pleasant destination that is situated along the western bank of the river Guadiana.

Vila Real was constructed in less than 10 years in the 1780s as a tuna processing town and followed the latest designs of the era as city that followed a grid plan layout. Today Vila Real is a pretty and relaxed town, which has not much changed from its initial construction.

vila real monte Gordo

The relaxed centre of Vila Real

In the town there is a pretty central square and the marina and river walk stretches the length of the Town. Vila Real is small and takes only half a day to explore but it is the most accessible of the day trips from Monte Gordo, with many bus services or a 45 minute walk. From Vila Real there is a ferry which crosses the river to the Spanish border town of Ayamonte.

vila real monte Gordo

The harbour and marina of Vila Real

Day Trip to Ayamonte Spain

Ayamonte lies opposite Vila Real but it is distinctly Spanish with a carefully maintained buildings, a characterful town centre and a long lunch time siesta. Sights include the Casa Grande art museum (free entry) the main Paseo de la Ribera square which overlooks the marina and the Nuestra Señora de las Angustia church.

Ayamonte monte Gordo

The colourful Ayamonte town centre

Ayamonte can be reached by car along the A22 but it is much more enjoyable to catch the ferry from Vila real. The ferry costs 1.20 and there are hourly services that cross the wide Guadiana river. Ayamonte and Vila Real can be easily combined into a single day trip from Monte Gordo.

 monte Gordo ferry

The wide Guadiana river separates Spain and Portugal and the ferry crosses the river

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