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Tavira 5 Day Tour and Itinerary

Tavira is a charming resort town that is situated on the eastern Algarve that makes for a fantastic holiday destination. The town has managed to shun the development of ugly mass tourism and been able to retain its traditional heritage, architecture and character. Tavira is ideally positioned to explore the eastern side of the Algarve and the excellent public transport means that this is possible for all visitors. This guide will provide a suggested 5 day itinerary and activities for five day holiday to Tavira.

 Tavira historic centre

The historic centre of tavira

5 day Tavira Tour Overview

Day One - Explore the town
Day Two - Ilha do Tavira beach
Day Three - Santa Luzia and Praia do Barril beach
Day four - Cabanas resort and beach
Day five - Day trip to Vila Real and/or Monte Gordo beach



Tavira 5 day itinerary

Day One - Exploring Tavira

Tavira contains a pretty and historic centre and is simply a joy to explore. The heart of the town is the Gilão River and surrounding cobbled streets are lined with traditional tiled houses and shops. Further into the town is the small castle and the Igreja da Misericordia church with its decorative tile paintings. On western side are pleasant plazas with open air cafes and restaurants and many more quaint churches.

 Tavira historic centre

Day two day on the beach

Tavira has a stunning beach, the Praia de Tavira, which is located on the 14 km long sandbar island the Ilha do Tavira. The island is connected to the Tavira a regular and inexpensive ferry and for a full guide please click here. Tavira beach offers golden sands, freezing waters and excellent facilities which are suitable for families and couples alike. The size of the beach makes it surprisingly easy to escape the crowds and with a 10 minute walk the whole beach can be yours.

Ilha do Tavira

The deserted Ilha do Tavira

Day three Santa Luzia - 5 day Tour

Santa Luzia is a small fishing village that specialises in the capture of octopus. The fishing fleet returns early in the day and this is the ideal time to visit, to watch the unloading and trading of the octopus. The restaurants that line the harbour front specialise in octopus dishes and this is acquired tasting Portuguese delicacy.

Santa Luzia

The fishing fleet of Santa Luzia

Further along the coast is the village of Pedras D'el Rei and the miniature train that connects to the Barril beach and a former tuna fishing community. The disused houses have been converted into a beach complex of cafes restaurants and shops while the rusting anchors of the ex-fishing fleet have been placed in the sand dunes and are known as the anchor cemetery. Both villages are on a purpose-built cycle path and bikes can be rented from Tavira.

Day four Cabanas

Cabanas is a sleepy beach resorted to the east of Tavira. The resort is similar to Tavira that the beach is located on a large sand bar island and is served by a regular ferry. The main draw of Cabanas is the ambience, which is even more relaxed and calm than Tavira (if this can be possible!). Cabanas is on the Algarve cycle path, the same route that connects to Pedras D'el Rei but in an easterly direction. The cycle path is safe for all levels of cyclist and is suitable for walkers.

anchor cemetery

The anchor cemetery on Barril beach

Day 5 Vila Real

Vila Real is the most easterly town of the Algarve region and this town was purpose-built in the 18th-century as a fishing and canning industrial centre. The town was one of the first towns to follow a grid plan layout with straight avenues and wide plazas. Today there is no sign of the once canning industry and this incredibly scenic town boasts grandeur beyond its size.

Vila Real ferry to Spain

The Vila Real ferry to Spain can be visited in 5 days to Tavira

Vila Real position overlooks the wide Guadiana River and a popular trip is to catch the ferry across the border into Spain. For those visitors more interested in soaking up the sun should head to the characterless beach resort of Monte Gordo which offers the largest beach of the region and warmest waters. Vila Real and Monte Gordo are connected to Tavira by either train or bus and are ideal day trips.

beach at Monte Gordo

The massive beach at Monte Gordo


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