Monte Gordo 3 days Suggested Tour and Itinerary

Monte Gordo is a large modern and popular resort town on the eastern side of the Algarve. Monte Gordo may not offer the same charm as other resorts along the Algarve coastline, but it does provide a stunning beach and is a good base from which to explore the region. This guide will provide a suggested 3 day itinerary and tour for visitors on holiday in Monte Gordo.

3 Day Tour of Monte Gordo Overview

Day 1 – Day on the beach and Monte Gordo Evening
Day 2 – Vila Real and Castro Marim
Day 3 – Day trip to Ayamonte Spain

Day One - Beach day

Monte Gordo is famed for its stunning beach and the first day is suggested as a relaxing day enjoying the beautiful weather of the Algarve. The beach is simply massive and even at the height of the summer there is always space to be found. Beach extends for 4km in either direction from Monte Gordo and for the more active there are pleasant beach walks. In the evening Monte Gordo comes alive with numerous open air bars and restaurants that provide a social atmosphere. For a touch of class head to the exclusive casino on the beach front.

beach of Monte Gordo

The beautiful beach of Monte Gordo

Day Two - Day Trip to Vila Real and Castro Marim

Vila Real is a charming Portuguese town that is less than 5 km from Monte Gordo. The town was constructed in less than two years during the 18th century as a way to populate Portugal’s eastern border and demonstrate the economic power of the country.

Praca Marquis of Pombal in Vila Real

The Praca Marquis of Pombal in Vila Real

Vila Real’s most notable feature is that it was constructed following a grid plan with all roads heading in a north-south or east-west direction. Historically the town was a centre for fish processing and canning but today the sleepy town is attractive and pretty. The large marina overlooks Guadiana River the natural border with Spain while the heart of the town is the Praca Marquis of Pombal.

For the afternoon it is suggested to visit the town of Castro Marim which was once a centre for a branch of the Knights Templar. This armed religious group constructed the now ruined castle while the proximity to the Spanish bordered necessitated the building of the fort on the opposite hill.

Day 3 - Day Trip to Spain and Ayamonte

For the third day it is suggested to cross the Rio Guadiana and have a half day in the Spanish town of Ayamonte. Ayamonte has a completely different style and ambience to Vila Real and is surprising how varied the two towns can be even though they are separated by less than 2 km.

ferry to Spain

The ferry to Spain

Ayamonte has none of the crumbling charm of Villa Real but is a well maintained and bustling town. The beaches of Ayamonte are similar to Monte Gordo and there is no reason to travel the distance purely for the beaches.

Praca Marquis of Pombal in Vila Real

The main plaza in Ayamonte

Alternate Ideas for 3 days in Monte Gordo

An alternative activity for any of the days is to hire a bike and cycle along the purpose built cycle path that stretches the length of the Algarve. Depending on ability and temperature it is possible to cycle to Tavira and back in a day this journey is approximately 40 km. As the route follows the coast there are no hills and the route is suitable for all abilities.

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