Monte Gordo Weather

The following weather charts display the average weather for Monte Gordo. Monte Gordo is a popular beach resort and is blessed with the almost perfect weather of the Algarve, with hot dry summers and mild winters. The summer season lasts from early May through to late September.

Monte Gordo Average Weather

Monte Gordo weather

The average weather of Monte Gordo

Monte Gordo has hot summers dry summers but the winter months can be unpredictable with equal amounts of dry days as over cast or wet days. Summers can get very hot due to the intense sun and it is suitable still to be on the beach past 17:00.

Monte Gordo Temperature

Monte Gordo temperature hot cold

Monte Gordo temperature in centigrade and Fahrenheit

The above temperature chart displays the average day time maximum (in shade) against the night time minimum. It should be noted that the maximum temperature is the air temperature measured in shade, the temperature in direct sun light will feel much hotter.

Sunshine and Hours of Sun for Monte Gordo

Monte Gordo sunshine sun

The average hours of sunshine per day for Monte Gordo

The above chart shows why the Algarve is such a popular holiday destination, during the summer months the average hours of sunshine per day is great than 10 hours. This compares with London (6.5 hours) Dublin (5.9 hours) and New York (8.9 hours).

Monte Gordo Rainfall and Number of Wet Days
Monte Gordo rain rainfall wet

The average amount of rain and number of wet days for Monte Gordo

The majority of the rain falls in the winter months but the amount is significantly less than most of Europe.

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