Lisbon to Zambujeira do Mar Bus Guide

Zambujeira do Mar is a charming beach resort that is situated on the western Alentejo coastline. The town has a pleasant welcoming atmosphere and is a great base from which to explore the surrounding region of beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and the location of the main international airport of the country. This guide will detail how to travel from Lisbon to Zambujeira do Mar by bus and public transport.

Zambujeira do Mar

Lisbon to Zambujeira do Mar Overview

Zambujeira do Mar lies 220km south of Lisbon, 60 km south of Sines the largest city of the region and 65km north of Lagos the major resort town of the western Algarve. Zambujeira do Mar is a popular tourist destination with the Portuguese and the population of the small town swells during the short summer holiday season of July to August. If travelling in this season pre-book all travel arrangements as seats sell out quickly, especially at the weekends and Sunday evening.



Public transport throughout the Alentejo region is very limited but there are regular bus service to and from Lisbon. There are no train services along the western coast of the Alentejo with the main north-south railway running through the centre of the country. Therefore all tourists reliant on public transport must use the express bus services, luckily these bus services are inexpensive and reliable and the buses themselves are clean and safe.

Zambujeira do Mar to Lisbon Bus Details

The Zambujeira do Mar to Lisbon bus service is direct and is operated by Rede Expressos the main intercity bus operator of Portugal. The bus service is a seasonal with many more departures during the summer than winter months. In the low season there is just a single departure in either direction per day with an additional service at the weekends.

In the summer the number of buses increases to four services per day but it is advisable to book in advance due to popularity of the route which covers most of the coastline. A single bus ticket costs €17.50 and the return fare is €31.60. Tickets can be purchased from Lisbon bus station (Sete Rios) or on line from The website has an English section and the bus tickets can be purchased up to 30 days in advance but these online tickets cannot be altered or transferred.

Lisbon and Zambujeira do Mar bus stations

The Zambujeira do Mar bus service departs Lisbon from the Sete Rios bus station which is the main hub for Rede Expressos and one of the largest bus stations of the capital. Sete Rios bus station is served by the Jardim Zoológico metro station on the blue Metro line.

In the bus station there are the expected range of facilities including ticket offices, shops and cafes but it is not a place made for waiting long. The Zambujeira do Mar bus start from Sete Rios so they always depart on time so ensure you arrive at the bus station with plenty of time. For those visitors who are travelling directly to Zambujeira do Mar from the airport catch the red metro line from the Airport and change on the blue line for the Jardim Zoological metro station.


Zambujeira do Mar bus station is to the west of the town on the Avenida do Mar road, approximately 300 meets from the cliffs and sea front. The bus station is very small consisting of two bays and a small ticket office and shop. There are services to the Algarve and regional routes but bus travel in the Alentejo region is very limited.

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